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A day or two elapsed before he recovered the use of his limbs; he consoled himself, in the meantime, with the thoughts that though the mule with the treasure had escaped him, he had previously had some rare pickings at the infidel spoils. His first care on being able to use his limbs, was to search beneath his pallet, where he had secreted the myrtle wreath and the leathern pouches of gold extracted from the piety of Dame 3d sex. What was his dismay at finding comics wreath, in effect, but a withered branch of myrtle, and the leathern pouches filled with sand and gravel. Fray Simon, with all his chagrin, had the discretion to hold his tongue, for to betray the secret might draw on him the ridicule of the ancient roman gods goddesses, and the punishment of his superior it was not until many years afterwards, on his death-bed, that he revealed to his confessor his nocturnal ride cartoon the Belludo. Nothing was heard of Lope Sanchez for a long time after his disappearance from the Alhambra. His memory was always cherished as that of a merry companion, though it was feared, from the care and melancholy observed in his conduct shortly before his mysterious departure, that poverty and distress had driven him to some extremity. Some years afterwards one of his old companions, an invalid soldier, being at Malaga, was knocked down and nearly run over by a coach and six. The carriage stopped; an old gentleman magnificently dressed, with a bag-wig and sword, stepped out comics assist the poor invalid. What was the comics of the latter to behold in this grand cavalier his old friend Lope Sanchez, who was comics celebrating the marriage of his daughter Sanchica with one of the first grandees in the land. The carriage contained the bridal party.
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